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Our Team

Get to Know Us!


Miriam Burgess

Founder/Artist Director/Choreographer

Dancing before Walking that is the best way to describe Miriam. A lover of Dance because of her late Aunt "Dot", only spiraled into a love to teach it. Exposed to the performing arts at age 3, Miriam found her purpose in life early. Miriam was a student of dance at the Palmer School of Dance but much has been self taught. Miriam got her start on stage as part of the Johnnie Smith ministries in such plays as Little Me Big Me, Have We Lost The Feeling, and Christmas Magic, to name a few. As a teenager Miriam joined the Phillis Wheatley Repertory Theater for Youth, where she got the opportunity to be a part of the Ware House Theater, and open for Gladys KnIght, and perform in New York City for Jessie Jackson, Jr. and tour many states from Alabama to Florida. The impact that the arts has had on Miriam's life has encouraged her to do the same for others. Miriam has created a fun environment that promotes growth, self-awareness, self-esteem, creativity, in a loving non-judgemental safe family environment. Miriam's goal is to use the performing arts to build others. 


Destiny Oliphant

Outreach Coordinator,Visual Art Instructor/Dance Instructor

Destiny Oliphant, Greenville native and lover of the arts since she was a child! Destiny grew up dancing under Miriam Burgess at the young age of ten. Being molded and mentored though dance created such love and appreciation for artistic expression! Her love for the arts only grew after graduating college. She still serves at IOP by teaching visual arts.

"IOP will always feel like "home" to me".


Zoé Oliphant

Creative Writing/Poetry/Choreographer/Dance Instructor

 Zoé Oliphant is a native of Greenville, SC . She is a 2022 graduate of The University of South Carolina Upstate, with a bachelors in Communications Mass Media. Zoé is passionate about connecting community through production and preforming arts! She has been immersed in preforming arts for 13 years and it has become a way of expression and remedy. Zoé has written for local plays including "Rock Opera" produced by Glow Lyric Theatre. She has preformed as a spoken word artist, dancer, and has done voiceovers for events in the Greenville area. Zoé believes that with a balance of education and enlightenment of one's God-given potential it can direct them into a path for a bright future full of life and opportunity!


Tahzonna Glenn

Choreographer/Dance Instructor

Tahzonna Shavia Glenn is a resident of Simpsonville , Sc. She is the daughter of Leonard and Kimberly Hill. She attends Anderson University majoring in Communication Public Relations. She has been with IOP for 6 years now and plans to continue to spread God's agape love through dance on through college. Hoping to lead and save her generation while doing so.

DSC_0910 - Copy.jpg

Kenedy Edmond

Choreographer/Dance Instructor

 One of the first members of Instruments of Praise, Kenedy is a sophmore at Lander University. Kenedy has been a student of dance from an early age, Kenedy has been in Competition dance and Cheer. Kenedy found a love for teaching others during a Summer Camp. Kenedy teaches her students in a calm and creative environment, Kenedy wants to instill self esteem and self love through dance.


Brooke Summers

Choreographer/Dance Instructor



Brooke Summers is from Greenville, Sc born and raised. She is a student at Clemson University. Majoring in Computer Science. She started dancing with IOP her 1st year of high school and has loved every moment. She hopes to touch others the way IOP has touched her. "IOP is something I'm going to hold onto as long as I can! The amount of love and support that I have received from IOP has helped shaped me into the woman I am today and I will forever be grateful."



Santana Baker

Choreographer/Dance Instructor


Blake Summers

Dance Instructor/Art/Poetry

DSC_0996 - Copy.jpg

Tracy Johnson

Dance/Drama Instructor, Choreographer, Assistant

 A student of the Fine Arts Center, Tracy is a graduate of South Carolina State University with a major in music. Tracy has always had a love for the theater and has appeared in The Wiz, Who's Gonna Do The Cooking, No Excuses, to name a few. Tracy uses creativity and compassion to teach the art of drama and developing characters. Tracy also uses drama to deal with issues that many of her students deal with allowing them to create the story line. Tracy understands that her students are performing on a stage which will also prepare them for the stage of life. Her technique are to build confidence and overcome barriers by allowing her students to act it out. She is also our photographer.


Joyce Atkins

Assistant/Stage Manager

Joyce is an Alumni of the Phillis Wheatley Repertory Theater For Youth. Joyce has won many awards for her dancing but finds joy by managing what happens behind the scenes. Joyce  also assist with events, and transportation.


Kimberly Hill

Event Coordinator

Kim has always found beauty and and joy in making things sparkle. Her love for turning a little something into something grand is her specialty. Kim is part owner of Wonderfully Designed Events, and has found a joy in creating events and memorable moments for our participants, their family and friends that make them feel special.  Kim believes that "it doesn't take much to make someone happy and if I can do that with what I have then I"m happy".

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